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About Us

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We founded International Windows when we discovered a serious flaw in
the way we build homes, condos, and even hotels in Cambodia…

Almost a decade ago we discovered that something was wrong with the way
we build houses and buildings in Cambodia. Compared to the rest of the world,
Cambodian buildings required more maintenance and were less energy efficient.
And in general, something made houses and homes in Cambodia
unproportionally expensive to maintain.

We singled out doors and windows to be the problem. People in here in
Cambodia tended to spend much less of their building or renovation budget on
doors and windows than homeowners and construction firms in e.g. Europe.
However, failing to invest in quality windows can be a very expensive
decision in the long run.

Choosing cheap windows, might let you save a little on your building budget,
but their poor energy efficiency and short life-span will cost you much more over
the months and years to come. And it’s not just money it will cost you. Windows
that are not sound proof and have bad insulating properties can affect your
sleep and health.

In 2010 we founded International Windows to provide better window
solutions to the Cambodian market, and prove that installing high quality doors
and windows would save our customers a lot of money and trouble.

For these reasons, the demand for our high quality windows quickly grew. In the
early stages, we imported prefabricated windows and doors from Germany —
where we could find the highest quality available. We then did the assembly and
installation ourselves here in Cambodia. But as demand kept growing, we took
the next step and set up our fabrication line, with the intention to manufacture windows
and doors locally in Phnom Penh to the same high standards as the products we had been
importing from Europe.

The construction of our factory began already in the middle of 2011 — just a
year after the company had become operational. And production was officially
launched just months later by the end of 2011.

Today, 8 years later, International Windows is a specialist in the fabrication and
installation of German uPVC profiles for windows and doors. We still deliver the
same high quality and European standards that we had success with in the
beginning, and our service level is unmatched in the industry.

We have helped many homeowners replace their faulty or leaking windows from
cheap — but less than reputable — suppliers. We want to spare our customers
that expensive mistake, so we run a very strict quality control and guarantee
to replace defected windows fast and without any hassle.

When you choose International Windows, you can rest assured that you will
receive unmatched service quality at all stages of the process. We guide you
through selecting the right designs, perform realistic site surveys to ensure that
you get the doors and windows that are right for your project, and we
professionally install everything for you, to make sure that you will not
experience any issues.

Should you experience any issues at all, it will be fully covered by our 10 year
. We offer 24 hour support and if you call us with an issue related to
our products or installation, we immediately send our maintenance staff to solve
the problem.

Our 8 years experience with uPVC windows and doors is already unmatched by
anyone in the industry, but we continue to innovate and expand our catalog to
offer you even more choices and design options to choose from. Our core
products remain “aluplast” and “Roto” imported from Germany, but in the past 3
years we have expanded our service to include durable and light weight
aluminium windows and doors.

If you want to know more about what we can do for your building or
renovation project or the benefits you will get from choosing high quality
doors or windows, contact our 24 sales support today or fill in the contact
form here on the site.


Our vision is to become the leader of windows and doors provider through excellent service and products of top quality.

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